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The Heros Within Series I : Anila Kiran

The Heros Within Series I : Anila Kiran

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“I penned down this piece of writing to give a message to my fellows that, stars can’t shine without darkness and that whenever you fall, pick up something. ‘When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life’. Like most of the people coming from a region with less opportunities and guidance, I had to struggle hard to accomplish my goals.

With a determination and a visionary attitude I left home for boarding school (AKHSS, Hunza) at the age of 11. Since then, I have spent most of my life away from parents. My family has constantly been my strength, nevertheless, I faced adversities like most of the females in conservative societies do. Some people, with their physical strength, climb the highest peaks and cross the longest oceans and others, by fighting battles with their dismaying circumstances and specifically with themselves. One such battle, that altered my whole life, started when I was forced to get engaged with someone in a very tender age (between 9th or 10th grade of school). It was the most daunting moment of my life that I have ever encountered. For of the threats of being harmed if I oppose, I was silent for a year or so. However, with the passage of time, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Gathering all the courage and strength that I had, I opposed. Only a hand full of days were left for my final exams of intermediate, I had to leave home to stay safe. Mentally and psychologically devastated, I successfully attempted exams and managed to leave to the South in pursuit of higher studies. I received a full scholarship to undertake my bachelor’s studies. Working for two years after bachelors, I received another scholarship to undertake master’s studies abroad. Again, coming from a country with lower quality education, getting acquainted with the education system abroad had been formidable. I kept on struggling and never thought of quitting for a sheer moment since, I believe in education, being the biggest remedy.Becoming a commercial pilot was my dream. However, given the lack of proper guidance as well as financial constraints, I couldn’t undertake that profession.After endless struggle that still continues, currently, I am a PhD researcher at Aalto University, Finland, which is one of the leading institutions in Europe.

A disclaimer: Whilst disclosing my hardships, I don’t intend to hurt anyone involved in them.” 
(Anila Kiran, Gilgit)


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