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[Poem] Life

[Poem] Life

Torn, withering, falling apart,

Heaven or hell you do not consider;

Sinking you see your life’s sail

Dripping with blood comes along your tale.


Flown away you find the joyous moments

Of life when care was then so rare

Deep within you shout your wounds

The harder you try to strangle those sounds.


Secluded stands your spirit once

Stranded in an unfathomable land;

Shrinking within yourself see

Your soul setting itself free!


Abida Parveen

The writer of this poem belongs to Gulmit,Gojal. She is currently a lecturer at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School,Gilgit. She is an alumnus of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School,Hunza and has done her M.Ed from AKU-IED.


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